2013. május 2., csütörtök

Saint George Got Talent

On sunday I was invited to Saint George Got Talent 2013 by Madalin Guruianu!
The show was started by me,I made a little demo on the stage after there was 12 finalist and I was in jury!
It was a good day for me,I liked this kind of stuff so thanks on more time for the invitation!!

Saint Gheorghe Days Demo/Contest

On saturday was the 4th demo/contest at saint gheorghe days!There was 6 participant at this contest and 2x2 minutes to show your best skils for the referees!!
At the end I finished 1place after me Kovacs Robert(redbull) and 3.place my young padawan Csaba Ati!
I was realy tired but I liked this contest!

Romanians got talent semifinal

Here is the video of the semifinals from Romanians got talent!The show was on friday and it was live!Over 10 million people watched the show and it was realy cool!What a feeling I want more :)
At the end I didn't get enought vot and I'm not in the final but it was the biggest show till now!

Orban-B.Gabor - Romanii au talent Semifinala par dm_512c9d255e8f4

Romanian got talent photos!

Here is a few pics made at Romanians got talent photo session! I like this pictures!

KOXX SKY V.3 2013

Hy here is a few pics of my new bike for the season!!

Romanian Got Talent Preselection

Hy there I wasn't write here for a while but now I am back!I just participated to Romania got talent and I got  trough the semifinals so I am very happy!

Orban-Barra Gabor - Romanii Au Talent 2013 par dm_512c9d255e8f4